Move Over Aloo Paratha: Try this Chicken Paratha Recipe


We have all grown up eating parathas with a glass of milk as our breakfast. Parathas have been the staple breakfast for Indians and even as adults we do enjoy a hot piece of paratha for breakfast. It is because parathas work as the perfect wholesome meal! You don’t need to pair a paratha with a dal and sabzi to complete a meal (but you can if you want). Another great part about parathas is that you can make anything and everything into a paratha! Whether it is gobhi, pyaaz, jeera, aloo or paneer, almost every and any vegetable can be a paratha; even a dal can become a paratha! What if we told you that you can make a paratha out of chicken as well? Here is a quick and simple recipe that will help you make delicious chicken parathas at home.

How to Make Chicken Paratha

The chicken paratha recipe is very easy and similar to other paratha recipes. You need the stuffing and dough.

Start by marinating your chicken and cooking it. Cooldown the cooked chicken and shred it. Add some raw chopped onions, chillis and coriander. The chicken stuffing is ready. Knead the dough using maida and kuttu atta. To make one paratha, you need to roll two raw parathas. Place the chicken stuffing on one paratha and layer the stuffing with the second raw paratha. Seal the stuffed paratha so that filling doesn’t fall out. Cook the paratha and the dish is a ready!

You can also use the roti dough that might be already prepared in your house, or you can prepare the dough that is given in the recipe. Another quick tip for this chicken paratha recipe is that you can also use leftover chicken sabzi as a stuffing for your paratha. Make sure that your chicken dish is dry and shredded before stuffing paratha.

Click here for the full recipe of Chicken Paratha

Try this chicken paratha recipe and tell us how you like it!

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