Move Over Aloo-Pyaaz Pakoda – Try These 5 Offbeat Pakodas This Monsoon


Monsoons are perhaps one of the most wonderful times of the year, and the most beloved thing about the monsoons is the array of snacks you can enjoy. It is not like monsoon snacks are only available during the monsoon season, you can enjoy them all around the year. However, these snacks just taste yummier during monsoons! One of the most beloved monsoon snacks is pakodas. While a pakoda is usually a vegetable covered in besan, some might find this version of the snack old and over-rated. If you are tired of having the usual aloo pakoda or pyaaz pakoda, then we have the best offbeat pakoda recipes for you to make at home. It is time to spice up your monsoon season (literally and figuratively) by trying out these offbeat pakoda recipes!

Here Are 5 Offbeat Pakodas You Need To Try Out This Monsoon:

1. Fruit Pakoda

The sound of a pakoda made of fruit might sound uncomfortable to North Indians, but actually, it is an extremely popular thing in Bengal and South India. This monsoon recipe is quick and easy to make. Take your overripe bananas or apples and chop them into cubes. Then prepare the batter using besan, milk, sugar, and cinnamon powder. Dip your chopped fruits in the batter till it is fully coated. Fry your coated fruits in hot oil till they are brown and crispy. Finally, top your crispy pakoda with powdered sugar and drizzle them with chocolate sauce and your fruit pakodas are ready!

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Banana fritters are an unusual Pakoras you must try.

2. Cashew Pakoda

Have you ever thought of having a pakoda made of dry fruits? Because I am about to blow your minds with cashew pakoda! This is pakoda recipe is very similar to most pakoda recipes. All you need is to prepare the batter using besan, salt, a pinch of baking powder and water. You can also add some mint leaves to the batter for a refreshing twist. Completely coat your cashews into the batter and then deep-fry the coated cashews. Voila! Your cashew pakodas are ready. This monsoon snack is no-fuss munchable that is crispy and crunchy outside and soft inside.

3. Nadru Pakoda/ Nadru Moinj

Nadru is the Kashmiri word for lotus stem, popularly known as kamal kakdi. This pakoda is a little different from other pakodas as not only does it have nadru at its centre but it is also prepared using chawal ka atta (rice flour) and not besan. This Kashmiri pakoda might sound complicated but is very easy to make. You bathe your chopped nadru in a dry mixture of chawal ka atta, salt and Kashmiri Mirch. The moisture from the kamal kakdi allows the dry mixture to stick to the vegetable. Deep fry the coated nadru and your pakodas are ready! You can enjoy this pakoda with kahwa, or chai.

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These Kashmiri Pakoras are a delight for all. 

4. Arbi Patta Pakoda/Rikwach

While some of us might be fans of arbi, I guarantee you that arbi patta pakoda will change your mind! Arbi patta is not the most common vegetable to be used in Indian cuisine but this pakora from UP is the best of both worlds. This leafy pakoda is an interesting monsoon recipe to make. Clean out the arbi patta by removing its veins. Prepare a paste out of besan, garlic paste, salt, red chilli powder and imli chutney. Spread the paste on both sides of the leaf. Prepare 4-5 leaves like this. Place the prepared leaves on top of each other and then roll them together. Steam the prepared roll for 30 minutes. After the roll is steamed, let it cool down for 24 hours and then shallow fry the roll. Finally, your pakoda is ready! This pakoda is a delicacy that needs to be prepared with time and care and the result is crispy goodness.

5. Flower Pakodas

The name says it all, these pakodas are actually made of flowers! As fancy and complicated as a flower pakoda might sound, it is very easy to make in reality. Some of the most popular flowers used for making these pakodas are Moringa flower, Zucchini flower and Kachnar flower. Here is how you can prepare this monsoon snack. Prepare the batter by adding besan, salt, a pinch of baking soda, and water. Once your batter is thick and creamy, dip your choice of flowers and coat them until they are completely covered. After this deep-fry your coated flower in hot oil and your flower pakodas are ready! Sprinkle them with chaat masala for a masaledaar kick!

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Try out these monsoon recipes and tell us which pakoda was the best!

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