Move Over Red Chicken Curry: Make This Mouth-Watering Green Chicken Curry


The weekend is just around the corner! That means it is time to relax and spend time with your friends. You may be thinking of hosting a dinner party at your house so that you can hang out with your friends within the comfort of your house. But thinking of a dinner menu can be such a big task that you might just want to give up there. What if we ease up the task for you? Wouldn’t that make the whole process a lot easier? Don’t think of making a lavish meal, just make one delicious and yummy dish that can be the star of your show. Make spicy green curry chicken that will win the hearts of your friends in the first bite!

This green curry chicken is an amazing masaledar dish. If you love spicy food then this dish is for you. It uses 10 green chillies to add spiciness and colour to the curry. Coconut lovers will also enjoy this dish thoroughly because coconut milk is used in the curry.  The combination of green chillies and coconut milk gives a lip-smacking taste to the chicken.


Pair it with rice.

How to make Green Curry Chicken | Green Curry Chicken

Green curry chicken is the main course dish that can be served with jasmine rice and sticky rice. To make this recipe you need to start by making curry paste. The process of making this paste is very simple as you only need to add all the ingredients and grind them. You can also use store-bought curry paste if you want to make the process easier. Then, put a pan on flame and add oil Add curry paste to it and saute it. Pour in the coconut milk and mix till it’s combined. Put your chopped veggies in the curry and let it boil till the veggies are cooked. Your green curry chicken is done!

Click here for the full recipe of Spicy Green Curry Chicken.

Bon Apetit!

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