Mutton Resha Gosht: A Quick Mutton Recipe For Your Next Dinner Party (Recipe Inside)


Bakri-Eid is one of the most celebrated festivals around the world. People decorate their houses and streets are lined up with food vendors serving mouth-watering delicacies; everyone seems to be submerged in this festival of feasts. With the festival just around the corner and we can’t help but dream about juicy meat gravies, soft rumali rotis and heavenly desserts. Mutton is one of the main ingredients used in Bakri Eid and succulent mutton curries, rich aromatic mutton biryani and lip-smacking kebabs are some of the must-haves during this time.


Mutton is one of the most important dishes for Bakri id 

So this Bakri Eid, if you are planning to host a dinner party at your house, there are many lip-smacking mutton dishes that you may add to your list. Here we have a delicious mutton recipe that is rich in flavour and is quite easy to make. The recipe is Mutton resha gosht – shredded mutton mixed with fried potatoes which uses minimum ingredients but taste just exquisite.

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Here is the recipe of mutton resha gosht:

First, in a cooker add mutton pieces, medium-sized ginger, some garlic cloves, salt and garam masala. Cook this for 2-3 whistles. Once this is done, remove it from the cooker and pull apart shreds of mutton. Save some mutton stock for later.

In another pan heat some oil, add ginger garlic paste, shredded mutton and cook for a while. To this add salt, haldi, red chilli powder and some mutton stock. Cook this for another 5 mins. Add chopped fried potatoes and put the lid on for 10 mins.

Take it off the heat, garnish with chopped chilli and ginger shreds, serve hot and enjoy. Read the full recipe here.

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There you have it, another delicious mutton recipe to be added to your celebration menu. Let us know what you pair this resha gosht with, in the comments below.

Bakri-Eid 2021 Mubarak!

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