Nariyal Malai Ladoo: Our Childhood Favourite Ladoo With A Creamy Twist Of Malai To It


Weekend is here, and our cravings are at an all-time high. After a full week of work all we want to do is sit and indulge in our favourite delicacies. When we say lavish weekend meals, what usually comes in our minds are rich curries, parathas and biryanis. While all these are a major part of the feast, we often tend to get a bit careless as we reach the end of the meal and end up forgetting about the dessert. So as some of us get ready to cook up a storm this weekend, let’s not forget that a dessert is what ties the entire meal together.

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What is a simple dessert that you could whip up in no time, tastes delicious and will be loved by all? Any guesses? It is the scrumptious ladoos. Ladoos are easy to make, can be stored for at least a week and there is no Indian soul that doesn’t like ladoo. These sweet, chewy yet crumbly desserts are an explosion of flavours, usually bound together by the rich taste of ghee. This is an effortless yet delectable dessert option that you should definitely give a try.


Ladoos are the most loved Indian dessert

During our search for ladoo recipes, we came across an interesting option – nariyal malai laddo. Sounds delicious, right? Made by food vlogger Parul Gupta on her YouTube Channel, ‘Cook with Parul’, this sweet treat screams indulgence. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your chef’s hat and get going.

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How To Make Nariyal Malai Ladoo | Nariyal Malai Ladoo Recipe:

In a pan, heat milk and let it cook until it reduces to half. To this add sugar, let it dissolve then add desiccated nariyal or coconut shreds. Cook until the mixture is solid and make ladoos out of it. Keep it in the fridge for 15-30 mins.

For the malai, in a grinder add cashews, some coconut shreds, saffron milk, powdered sugar, homemade malai or store-bought cream and cardamom powder. Make a fine paste out of this. Now take out the chilled ladoos and cut in half, coat the insides with malai and join them back together. Wipe off extra malai and let it chill for another hour and there you have it, a unique ladoo recipe that is sure to have you wanting for more.

Watch The Detailed Video Of Nariyal Malai Ladoo Here:

Let us know how you liked it, in the comments below.

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