Narrow Escape For Dumper Truck As Hyderabad Road Caves In After Rain

Narrow Escape For Dumper Truck As Hyderabad Road Caves In After Rain

The road in Hyderabad’s Jubilee Hills that caved in after heavy rain in the city


A heavy vehicle narrowly missed falling into a pit after a key road caved in during traffic hours in Hyderabad. This was the second incident of a road caving in, possibly due to heavy rain in the last 48 hours in the city.

In visuals, a dumper truck is seen with its rear axle broken and the cargo hold dangerously tilted on the side. People are seen diverting traffic on one side of the road.

The road in Hyderabad’s Jubilee Hills caved in less than 48 hours after another road at AS Rao Nagar suffered the same fate.

In a separate incident, the body of a Class 5 child who went missing on Wednesday has been found. The 12-year-old girl was feared drowned after falling into a drain in Hyderabad’s Neredmet. She was last seen riding a bicycle near her house.

Sudden heavy rain in Hyderabad on Wednesday had left parts of the city inundated. Vehicles were seen getting dragged by strong currents that overflowed on to the roads from big drains. Two people were killed after a wall at their house fell on them in Medipally.

Residents near Puranapul bridge in Hyderabad saw a crocodile resting on the bank of Musi river on Wednesday, news agency PTI reported. City zoo officials said the crocodile must have come ashore due to strong water flow after heavy rain.

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