Neha Sharma Turns “Home Chef” With Eggs On The Pan, Here Are Some Recipes For Us Too


Actress Neha Sharma is back in her kitchen and she cannot help but share what she is cooking this time. She has chosen a simple ingredient: eggs. But if it’s anyone who can turn eggs into a delicious omelette, it has to be her. The video, she shared on Instagram, shows a delicious pan of eggs sputtering and bubbling over the flames. The egg yolks are still cooking while the whites are almost done, with other ingredients on them. There could barely be a more mouthwatering omelette to look at. The actress wrote, “Home chef…When your eggs look delicious.”


Actress Neha Sharma shared her delicious looking eggs on Instagram

Those eggs can send our hearts pounding. So, why not use eggs and try to whip up something delectable in our own kitchen? The regular omelette can get boring on some days. But we have some other easy alternatives to add more flavours to it. Here is a list of some recipes that can help us step up our game while cooking eggs. 

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1. Masala Omelette

This can be one of the simplest dishes for a breakfast. Throw tomatoes, onions, coriander, spring onions and green chillies into the eggs and you have an easy-peasy dish that tastes just as good.


Masala omelette can be a simple and go-to breakfast option

2. Scrambled Eggs

Make it a creamy delight by adding milk and butter to the eggs. Scramble them while cooking and add salt and pepper to taste. We can’t get closer to a luxurious breakfast.

3. Poached Eggs With Spiced Avocado, Cheese And Walnut

These poached eggs have a crunchy twist with crushed walnuts. Avocado and lemon juice add a tangy flavour while cheese gives it an unforgettable creamy texture.  We can’t refuse to devour such a treat any day in any season.


There are different ways of enjoying poached eggs

4. Baked Eggs With Beans

These baked eggs use fresh tomatoes and baked beans with some spices. Add cheese and honey to give some creamy texture and syrupy taste to the whole. Relish it hot.

5. Chicken Omelette With Sautéed Mushrooms

This is a filling meal by itself. Soft sautéed mushrooms and juicy chicken pieces can be a dreamy delicacy for most of us. In this recipe, these ingredients get a boost from soy sauce, vegetable stock and other spices. This dish is up for grabs just any day.


The flavours of chicken, egg and mushroom go really well together

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Tell us what are your favourite ways to cook eggs.

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