Paratha With Achar Or Achar In Paratha? Give A Twist To Regular Paratha With This Yummy Recipe


When it comes to Indian cuisine, we all know that there are endless options to choose from; and it’s not just the curries, dals or gravies, it’s the flatbreads too! It could be a plain roti or a crispy naan – the varieties are endless. But the one thing which we all love to have is the yummy paratha. Generally eaten in breakfast, a paratha is enjoyed with a dollop of butter and chutney on the side with achaar! But have you ever thought of making an achari paratha? Yes, you read that right! Instead of having achaar with your paratha, make an achari paneer paratha for a new twist of taste.

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Now, we are sure that you must have heard of paneer paratha and achari paneer as two different things. But mixing these two to make a delicious paratha is surely an amazing idea. Have it in your breakfast or lunch- this dish will win the hearts of your family. You can also pair it with curd to lower down the spice of this dish.


Paratha is enjoyed with a dollop of butter and chutney on the side with achaar

Here Is The Recipe Of Achari Paneer Paratha | Achari Paneer Paratha Recipe

First, to make a dough take some wheat flour and knead it with water. Let it rest for 15 minutes. Till then, for the filling, grate some paneer, add chopped ginger, garlic, one spoon of mixed achaar and salt according to taste. Mix these well till the flavours combine. Then roll out your dough, fill the stuffing in between, close the dough, and roll it out again.

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Then heat a pan and bake your achari paneer paratha on medium to high flame till the crust becomes crispy. Once done, enjoy it with tea or curd!

For the full recipe of achari paneer paratha, click here.

Make this dish at your home, and let us know how you liked it!

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