Pfizer tells Centre its vaccine suitable for 12 years and above | India News

NEW DELHI: American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer on Wednesday informs the Central government that its Covid-19 vaccine is suitable for all aged 12 and above and can be stored at 2-8 degrees for over a month, according to the sources.
They (Pfizer and the Indian government) also discussed about the indemnity protection against liabilities and asked for relaxations in some clauses before the company brings its Covid-19 vaccines to India, the sources added.
The drugmaker is likely to supply 50 million Covid-19 vaccines to India in 2021, albeit with a few conditions, sources told ANI on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, Moderna, another pharmaceutical giant in the US, sources said, is expecting to start manufacturing its Covid-19 vaccines in India following an analysis with Cipla, a pharmaceutical company based in Mumbai, among other Indian firms.
Earlier, both drugmakers had allegedly refused to send vaccines directly to the state governments of Delhi and Punjab, claiming that they will only deal with the Central government.

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