Pic Shows Bananas Packaged As Per Ripeness, Genius Says Twitter


Banana is probably one of the most wholesome fruits which can be consumed by us. A complete meal by itself, banana is enriched with plenty of potassium and fibre. The essential vitamins such as Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C etc are also found in banana. Apart from being a nutritional powerhouse, bananas also help us stay fuller for longer. Eating bananas everyday though is an entirely different task. The bunch of bananas we purchase often gets spoilt before we can get to eating them all. Stores in South Korea, however, have found a simple solution to this issue. They are packaging bananas as per their ripeness, and the picture of this practice winning over the internet. Take a look:

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Posted on Twitter by @mrstrangefact, the photograph has received nearly 80k likes and 23k retweets. In the picture, we can see a tray of bananas packaged together. The one on the left is fully ripened, and the right one is slightly green and on the raw side. Thus, there were bananas of several degrees of ripeness arranged together. The idea was that the bananas can be eaten one every day without having to worry about the remaining getting spoilt.

“In South Korea, some stores package their bananas together in various ripeness stages so you can eat them over several days without them going brown. They call them “one-a-day” bananas,” read the tweet.

The genius trick to keep bananas from spoiling won over the internet. People wondered why other supermarkets didn’t implement this practice in their own stores as well. A few also felt that the plastic used in the packaging was unnecessary and could be omitted.

Take a look at the best reactions:

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What did you think of this incredible trick to package bananas? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. If you have overripe or leftover bananas at home, we have some delicious ways you can bring them into use. Click here for the recipes.

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