Pizza Puff, Pizza Bites And More – 5 Innovative Pizza-Style Snacks That You Can Make Within 30 Minutes


We all can agree, if there’s one food that holds a huge fan following around the globe it definitely has to be pizza. Since its humble beginnings in Italy, it has been revolutionised through the years. Every country, state or even city has started culinary experimenting with pizza in their own unique ways. From pizza mcpuff and potato pizza bites to pizza omelette and much more, there’s a lot more snack recipes that can be prepared by using pizza ingredients. Believe it or not, each and every recipe tastes delicious and would leave you wanting for more with every single bite from it. Besides being super delicious, these recipes are quick, fuss-free and so easy-to-make. Throw in your favourite veggies along with cheese, seasonings as per your likings and rustle up a perfect evening snack in no time. So, are you ready to tantalize your taste buds? Breathe easy, we have got you covered!

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Here’re 5 delicious pizza-style snack recipes for you to try at home.

1. Pizza Mcpuff

Let’s start off with Pizza Mcpuff! Super crunchy from outside, cheesy and mushy from inside, this snack is worth the hype. All you need to do is knead a dough, roll it out and fill it with crunchy vegetables along with pizza sauce, grated cheese and throw in some seasonings. Voila, your super easy, on-the-go meal is ready. Here’s the recipe for you.


2. Potato Pizza Bites

We all are aware about potatoes’ versatility. This recipe is all that you need to pair up with your evening tea or coffee. And the best part is you can also store them in the freezer for a month so that you can enjoy this delicacy without any hassle for a long time. Click here for the recipe.


3. Pizza Omelette

Definitely an ‘eggceptional’ combo! Ever thought health and taste would go hand in hand? Well, this recipe is the perfect combination of both health and taste. Besides, it is one of the easiest recipes to enjoy the taste of pizza without any guilt trip. Click here for the recipe.


4. Tawa Pizza Pinwheel

These pizza pinwheels require no oven or yeast and can be made within 10-15 minutes. Be it as an evening snack or as a starter and even appetizer for impromptu guest gatherings or any special occasions, this unique recipe can impress everyone. Click here for the recipe.


5. Paneer Bread Pizza Bite

We have found another scrumptious pizza snack recipe for you. Move over your regular pakora, samosa and cutlets, try out this light, fluffy and crunchy paneer pizza bite recipe as your next evening snack. Here’s the recipe for you.

Enjoy these super delicious recipes whenever hunger strikes in between the meals or as an accompaniment for your evening chai/coffee and let us know which one turned out to be your favourite recipe in the comment section below.

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