Priyanka Chopra Is Enjoying The London Summer With A Yummy Cool Drink. Take A Look


Priyanka Chopra is a global icon and we love everything about her. In addition to being a multi-lingual actor, singer, producer and entrepreneur, she is also a foodie. Her love for food and Indian cuisine also led her to open her very own restaurant in New York, named Sona. The actress, who is currently in London for work, posted a photo of herself on Thursday enjoying the summer. And like a true food-lover, PeeCee ensured that she did it with a yummy drink in hand. The reddish-hued drink with loads of ice seemed like the perfect way to bring in a warm day. Sharing the image, she wrote, “Hot Summer… cold sips.” Also, don’t miss the sipper with Priyanka’s name printed on it. 

She had also previously shared a photo of another lovely summer meal that her friend, American songwriter Cavanaugh James cooked for her. The menu contained some lovely dishes such as a meal bowl, a refreshing fruity drink with strawberries and pomegranate. The bowl included noodles, sautéed tofu/chicken chunks, green beans, avocado, lettuce, carrot, and more. “Let’s go! Fresh!” Priyanka wrote, sharing the image. Just the perfect summer meal, isn’t it?

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In another post, Priyanka had shared a picture of a fun summer drink. This time around, she chose a reddish-white fizzy drink that contained orange and blueberry and deemed it perfect for the “summertime in London.”

98ecv03oPriyanka Chopra Instagrammed this delicious looking drink on a perfect sunny day

Through her restaurant, Priyanka has made sure to take a little bit of India to the streets of New York. The stellar menu which features Indian delicacies such as paani puri, dosa and kulcha has already attracted the likes of actress Mindy Kaling, popular journalist Tom Nichols, filmmaker and theatre personality Lola James Kelly. Mindy Kaling even shared a photo of herself on Instagram with the menu of Sona. She wrote along with the photo, “Had the most amazing meal at Priyanka Chopra’s restaurant Sona in New York.” She added, “Get the cashew chicken meatballs, the Goan fish curry and the gruyere dosa. Perfection.”

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