Sara Ali Khans Sunday Binge Was All Things Chocolate-y (See Pic)


Who doesn’t love Sundays? It’s that day of the week when we get to relax and laze around. It looks like Sara Ali Khan, too, seems to be spending her Sunday relaxing and just indulging in her favourite treats. The actress posted a boomerang on her Instagram Stories of her decadent Sunday brunch along with the caption ‘#cheatday’. Guess what Sara’s cheat day meal was? A drool-worthy fluffy pancake loaded with dark, milk, and white chocolate chips! Already slurping? Because we sure are. Her boomerang video had the song Yum Yum (Chocolate) by Scribe the Verbalist, playing in the background.

Sara captioned the post, “Chocolate over everything.” We don’t know about you, but we certainly do love chocolate over everything. Here’s the glimpse of Sara’s yummy delight:


Now, it is no secret that Sara loves chocolate. The Coolie No.1 actress discovered an ingenious hack of combining her love for chocolate along with maintaining her diet. She put a decadent spin on regular overnight soaked oats by mixing them with some dark chocolate along with healthy flaxseed and crunchy almonds. What a clever way to eat your favourite food without feeling guilty, don’t you agree? Read more about it here.

Sara seems to have quite a sweet tooth. Earlier, the actress posted a boomerang on her Instagram Stories of her having a hot cup of cappuccino and a gooey chocolate cookie. Sara devoured the cookie by dipping it into her hot coffee! Relatable much? We have all dipped biscuits into a cup of hot tea or coffee. Somehow the flavour of both, the beverage as well as biscuits, seems to elevate. Click here to know more about Sara’s obsession with coffee.

Though the 25-year-old follows a strict diet and a regular workout routine, whenever she gets the chance, Sara seems to indulge in her favourite not-so-healthy food. In April, Sara gave us a glimpse of her favourite street food. Can you guess what it was? A delicious semi-sweet and spicy plate of bhel puri. The actress, who is a self-confessed foodie, posted a picture of the tasty snack on her Instagram Stories along with the caption, “Super yummy.” Take a look at Sara’s bhel puri here.

Tell us what you thought of Sara Ali Khan’s drool-worthy Sunday brunch and her other food choices in the comments below.

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