Sayani Gupta Cooked Bengali Fish Curry For Lunch And Its Making Us Hungry

Whether or not you are from Bengal, it’s hard to not fall in love with Bengali food. Especially if you’re a fan of seafood, Bengali cuisine is a wonderland of fish delicacies, taking our tastebuds on a ride with other dishes like kosha mangsho (rich mutton curry), aloo posto (potatoes with poppy seeds), and luchi aloor dum as well. This is not even the beginning of all that we love in Bengali cuisine, and we didn’t even get into their desserts. Speaking of Bengali food, Four More Shots star Sayani Gupta’s Instagram Stories today have got us drooling and craving a hearty Bengali spread.

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In the span of two Instagram Stories, Sayani Gupta has shared with us pictorial testimonies of her brilliant cooking skills, that shone through as many as three timeless dishes. 

The first dish, which she captioned “Cracked it!” is Rui Maacher Patla Jhol which is rohu fish in a light curry that’s rich in local flavours. This is a classic Bengali staple cooked in many households regularly. Have a look at her stories: 


Sayani Gupta Instagram story on rui maacher

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Apart from that, her lunch menu included Alu Potoler Jhol, another classic Bengali dish that has potatoes and pointed gourd (parwal) in a light gravy. Add to that Sayani’s delectable Chill Chicken, and you have enough to crave her delicious Bengali lunch spread for the next few days.


Sayani Gupta Instagram story 

Since Sayani possibly cannot feed all of us, maybe a recipe or two can help us satiate our Bengali food cravings. We suggest you try this recipe for Bengali Doi Macch (fish in curd-based gravy) and Potoler Dorma (stuffed pointed gourd).

You can also try making kosha mangsho if you want to try your hand at Bengali cooking. And if all this talk about Bengali food is making you hungry for their unparalleled desserts, try out this recipe for the timeless Bengali rasgulla. You might even want to make mishti doi when you see this super easy recipe.

What are your favourite Bengali dishes? Let us know in the comments.

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