Skin Care Tips: Celebrity Nutritionist Pooja Makhija Shares 5 Tips For Glowing Skin


Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija recently took to Instagram to educate, or as she likes to call it ‘fooducate’, her followers about some easy nutrition hacks that will aid you in achieving glowing skin and maybe even healthy shiny hair. The various superfoods that we seek on a daily basis are just a tiny drop in the ocean, but the secret to healthy and glowing skin lies in improving your daily nutrition. Since glowing skin requires a strong foundation, she specifies that spending money on superfoods is completely futile if your daily nutrition itself is not satisfactory.

Here are the 5 nutrition hacks Celebrity Nutritionist Pooja Makhija specifies in her video:

1. Adequate Water Intake


Not drinking enough water can lead to dizziness and extreme fatigue

If glowing skin is your aim, then hydration should be your best friend. Drinking adequate water – that is at least two to three litres of water a day – is extremely important to detox your body. It flushes out bacteria and aids in digestion too.

2. Include Anti-oxidants In Daily Diet

Vegetable juice is the perfect anti-oxidant you can consume. You can customise it to your liking and she even suggests a three-colour vegetable juice daily to nourish your skin. You can start by drinking cucumber, carrot, tomato, spinach and even beetroot juice for a healthy glow. 

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3. Clear Tummy


Fruits and Vegetables are good prebiotics

Your skin is a reflection of your gut, hence indulge in at least four to five servings of fruit and vegetables since they serve as great prebiotics as well. Not only will they help you in achieving glowing skin, but they also help in maintaining good health.

4. Removal of Triggers

Triggers such as lactose and dairy may cause bloating or swelling. Removal of these triggers may help you in strengthening your gut which may in turn aid in improving your skin quality. There are lactose-free options available nowadays if you wish to avoid dairy.

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5. Daily Exercise


During the ongoing pandemic exercise at home to stay fit

Exercising helps in releasing endorphins that are good for you. A great amount of exercise, at least four to five hours a week, is essential to release these endorphins and achieve that beautiful glow.

Pooja Makhija strongly endorses that the various superfoods that we think will miraculously give us that perfect glow are just a cherry on the cake. Instead, it is extremely essential to first go make a strong healthy cake for these superfoods to work.

Watch the complete video here:

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