Slurp Alert: Chole Bhature, Sev Puri And More: Masaba Gupta Lists Her Favourite Foods And Diet


Designer-actress Masaba Gupta, who regularly shares social media posts and tips about her fitness journey, recently that she decided to skip her breakfast. Sharing an image of a bottle of water on Instagram Stories, she said she would fast until lunch and so would be depending on a lot of water and celery juice. In a short “Q&A” session, she also discussed which dessert she likes the most and the Indian food items she can’t live without. Despite indulging in all kinds of dishes, she said, she manages her fitness regime by controlling the time when she eats.

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People who skip a meal during the day usually increase their liquid intake to maintain their metabolism and energy level. Also, drinking a lot of water helps in reducing weight.


Masaba Gupta’s breakfast

Celery juice is high in vitamins and elements such as iron, calcium, and silicon, which make it a wonderful, natural tonic for the liver and bones. Additionally, celery contains alkalising and hydrating properties that reduce fat build-up in the liver. It contains an anti-oxidant called PQQ, which protects the body against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Surely, Masaba is particular about her fitness and diet. But no matter how healthy you eat, all of us have some of our favourite foods that we love to indulge in. So, as a part of a “Q&A time,” when someone asked Masaba what’s her favourite dessert, the designer said “a dense, old-school chocolate cake”


Masaba’s favourite dessert

Answering a question related to her diet and food cravings, she said she does not try to resist her food cravings and indulges in all kinds of dishes. She tries and controls the time when she eats.


Masaba Gupta “Q&A” session 

Her favourite drink — usually tequila on ice.


When it comes to her favourite Indian foods, they include rajma chawal, chhole bhature, sev puri, pani puri, and dhokla.


Masaba Gupta instagram story

She also said she does not have a nutritionist to customise her dietary plan because it’s “pointless”. She would rather seek advice from her mother or grandparents as “they know best”.


It’s intriguing that, with such a light breakfast and no dietician recommending her what to eat, she still manages to have the energy to do everything that she does in a day.

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“I love what I do. And I love working hard. And I want to leave a mark and not just be a flash in the pan. So, the energy comes,” Masaba added.

Previously, Masaba Gupta has also written about how she struggled to embrace her “Caribbean body”. Masaba wrote she now feels accomplished with her weight and body and that it’s achieved because of her “non-negotiable” fitness routine.

“I am as committed to my health as I am to my business & my relationships,” she wrote, asking her followers to repeat it to themselves and make workout/yoga their morning ritual. “I’m the lightest I’ve been in 10 years,” she added in the caption.

In another recent post, the Masaba Masaba star shared a photograph of one of the dishes she likes to have on weekends — a wrap made of spinach, flax seeds, and chia seeds, stuffed with chicken, fresh lettuce, and some spicy hot sauce. Read more about it here.

In Masaba Masaba, a Netflix series that marked her acting debut, she shared screen space with her mother. The show borrows from Masaba’s real-life experiences.

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