Soha Ali Khans Parisian Sunday Breakfast Is Making Us Crave Some Yummy Croissants Too


A Sunday breakfast is no ordinary affair. Catching up with friends and family, watching your favourite shows, movies, reading that book you wanted to start, or baking bread – all these joyous activities can be done on a Sunday. While we look forward to a relaxing leisurely day that is stress-free, nothing says leisure better than a delicious meal. The happiness that one feels eating an elaborate breakfast and truly having the time to savour every bite without the weekday rush hour, is the gift of Sunday.

It seems actress Soha Ali Khan truly enjoy her Sundays as well. In a recent video she shared on her Instagram Stories, we can see a delectable breakfast of buttery croissants, meat cold cuts with cheese, peanut butter, jam and more. Needless to say, it’s making us sigh with longing and hunger.

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Has Soha’s yummy breakfast left you craving for the flaky buttery delicious French bread roll? If yes, click for the recipe here.

If you are looking to add more variety to your fancy breakfast spread, here are a few more recipes:

1. Scotch Eggs And Broth:

This is a traditional breakfast meal of England. It is an egg that is soft boiled and wrapped in delicious sausage meat or cold cuts rolled in herbed bread crumbs and deep-fried or baked. Add fun and delicious twist to your regular boiled eggs with this recipe.

2. Russian Buckwheat Blini:

Try this healthy and delicious Russian version of pancakes. This savoury pancake can be eaten with sour cream or honey or even some smoked salmon or cold cuts.

3. Californian Eggs Benedict:

Eggs Benedict is a common American breakfast. This recipe puts a yummy twist on the traditional poached eggs recipe with some creamy avocado and peppery spinach with the spicy sweetness of nutmeg. It is not just delectable but also healthy.

4. Spinach And Feta Crepes:

A crepe is a thin French pancake that is very light and made using flour, milk, and honey. Crepes can be enjoyed both savoury and sweet. This recipe adds the tangy creamy feta mixed with healthy nutritious spinach to create a delicious savoury crepe breakfast.

5. Poor Knights Of Windsor:

Wondering what this recipe is? It’s a yummy egg-y twist to a traditional French toast. Made with sweet caramel-y jaggery and the freshness of orange zest and jam, this recipe is ideal for an indulgent Sunday breakfast.

Tell us in the comments which of these breakfast recipes from other countries did you enjoy making and eating the most.

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