Solar Eclipse 2021: Date, Time, Food Dos And Donts For Surya Grahan


Solar Eclipse 2021 (or Surya Grahan) is happening all over the world on 10th June, 2021. The celestial event occurs when the moon covers the sun and casts a shadow on the Earth’s surface while blocking the sun’s light completely or partially. This year, the solar eclipse is an annular solar eclipse which means that the sun will only be partially covered by the moon. Thus, a ‘ring of fire’ will be created around the moon as part of the annular solar eclipse. Interestingly, the solar eclipse is the second such event in the past month, as it comes just weeks after the total lunar eclipse which had coincided with the Supermoon on 26th May, 2021.

Solar Eclipse 2021: Date And Time

The solar eclipse will begin at 8:12 am as per Coordinated Universal Time, or 1:42 pm as per Indian Standard Time. This will be the commencement of the partial eclipse, which will transition into the full solar eclipse at 3:19 pm. The maximum solar eclipse will be visible at 4:11 pm. The eclipse ends at 6:41 pm.



Solar Eclipse 2021: It will be visible largely in the Northern countries. 

Is Solar Eclipse Visible In India?

The eclipse will only be visible in the Northern Hemisphere in countries like Russia, Greenland, Northern Canada and a few other parts of Northern Asia and Europe if weather permits. The Surya Grahan will not be visible in most of India other than in the extreme north in Ladakh and extreme east in Arunachal Pradesh. To view the solar eclipse live online, click here.

Solar Eclipse: Dos And Don’ts During The Eclipse Period

It is commonly believed that fasting should be practiced during the period of the eclipse. However, scientists and experts have completely advised against believing such unfounded myths. Since the eclipse is not visible in most parts of India, there is no need to panic or make any major changes to your diet.

Nutritionist and Macrobiotic Health Coach Shilpa Arora says, “Eat when you are hungry. Listen to your body and observe stillness and silence. You can also meditate and connect with your body. It is a good practice to let all your energies heal today and not work on digesting food constantly.” Arora highly recommends a clean eating meal plan with elements such as banana and coconut water.

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Solar Eclipse 2021: Coconut water is loaded with nutrients and is recommended for the eclipse day.

If you want to observe the solar eclipse in person, it is advised never to look directly at the solar eclipse as it may harm your eyes. NASA states that you must wear protective glasses or use an indirect viewing method such as a pinhole projector if you want to view the eclipse personally.

The next annular solar eclipse will occur on 14th October 2023.

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