Struggling To Peel Garlic? Check These Garlic Peeling Hacks By Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila


It’s almost meal preparation, and we completely dread cutting the vegetables one by one. Cutting the vegetables takes more time than actually making the dish, and sometimes when our laziness kicks in, we all wish that there was someone who would just help us in the process. As we look for shortcuts, we might not get one for everything, but celebrity Chef Saransh Goila’s hack to peel garlic easily is definitely here to help you! To save your day and make your work easy, Chef Goila posted these three super easy hacks where you won’t have to peel the garlic skin one by one. This can surely be done in under two minutes and will save you some time as well.

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Recently posting these hacks on his Instagram the chef wrote, “Garlic peeling is always a DEBATE! Hacks that work and hacks that don’t. A lot depends on the size of garlic and how many do you want to peel. I’m sharing three hacks that work for different quantities and sizes.” Take a look:

For his first hack, you would need to microwave whole garlic for 20 seconds. Then slice it from the top and peel it by popping the garlic out. The only downside of this hack is that your garlic might get a little cooked.

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For the second hack, you would need to shake the garlic in two bowls or a cocktail shaker or a big jar with a lid, and the skin of the garlic will come off. But this method won’t work on small garlic cloves.

His last hack was to take the garlic cloves and crush them under a knife to peel off the skin and chop them.

Try out these hacks today, and let us know if they worked out for you!

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