Summer Diet: This Easy And Delicious Shahi Lassi Will Keep You Cool This Summer


Without a doubt, we all can agree that lassi in summers feels like heaven. The cold goodness made with curd and mixed with sugar and crushed mint leaves is one of the most refreshing things to have in summers. Everyone has their own take on lassi, from restaurants to cafes and to small vendors on the streets. We have created variations of lassi like mango lassi, orange lassi, cucumber lassi and whatnot. With the immense love for this drink, we bring you one of a royal kind – Shahi Lassi! The thick, creamy and refreshing taste of shahi lassi will make you feel full in just one glass.

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A sweet lassi will freshen you up in summers

Lassi, which originates from Punjab, is a drink made from curd and diluted with water. In this, a good amount of sugar is added and is served chilled. This drink is most popular with street sellers who serve the delicious lassi with chole bhature, paranthe, aloo puri or literally any other dish you would like to pair it with!

Curd is the hero ingredient of lassi which has many health benefits, especially if consumed (in moderation) in summers. Curd is a probiotic food that is known to help aid digestion, build immunity, lowers blood pressure and facilitate weight loss. Curd is also known to be rich in calcium, vitamin B12 and phosphorus.


Curd has many benefits in summer

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To make this yummy shahi lassi, you would need chilled curd, saffron, water, one scoop of vanilla ice cream, and dry fruits. Firstly take half a cup of chilled curd and add one scoop of vanilla ice cream and one-fourth cup of water. Blend this together. Then take two-three strands of saffron and dilute the saffron with one tablespoon of water. Pour the saffron mix into your lassi base and fold the ingredients gently. Lastly, pour this delicious thickness into a glass and garnish it with dry fruits to enjoy.

Click here for the full recipe of shahi lassi. 

Make this delicious lassi with your lunch and let us know how did you like it! 

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