Tawa Bread Rolls: Make These Delicious Pan-Fried Bread Rolls In Just Under 20 minutes


Let’s admit it; no breakfast is complete without a piece of toast. The freshly brown toasted bread with a scoop of butter and some hot cutting chai is a heavenly combination to have. While most of us usually eat bread for breakfast, the versatility of this ingredient is such that you can make anything out of it. Whether it is a cheese toastie, bread poha, cutlets or the delicious garlic bread, there is no end to the recipes you can make out of bread. While there are many bread options to choose from, the one such dish that we all have been eating since our childhood are the yummy bread rolls.

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The deep-fried bread rolls filled with spicy aloo stuffing and served with some chutney are definitely worth drooling for. But over the years, as we have become more health-conscious, we have started to stay away from the fried foods. So if you also miss having the delicious bread rolls today, we bring you a recipe of Tawa bread roll that will keep your health in check!


Enjoy these with chutney

Here Is The Recipe For Tawa Bread Rolls | Tawa Bread Rolls Recipe

To make this tawa bread roll, first, take a few slices of bread, cut their edges and roll them out. Then for the stuffing of these rolls, mash some boiled potatoes and add vegetables like onion, carrots and beans. Next, throw in masalas like red chilli powder, pepper, coriander powder and salt according to taste.

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Mix these well and fill the bread with this stuffing. Roll up the bread and close it with cornflour slurry. Pan fry these on a tawa once golden brown, take these out, and enjoy chutney or sauce.

Make this easy dish to enjoy with your family, and let us know how you liked it. For the full recipe of Tawa bread rolls, click here.

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