These Maggi Pakodas From Ahmedabad Are The New Twist To Maggi (Recipe Inside)


If you are one of those who stay up late at night to complete their work or binge watch TV shows, then you are very well familiar with the midnight hunger. We roam around our house in search of snacks and open the refrigerator to find the leftovers. But when we don’t find something of our liking or simply want to have something else – then we all know that Maggi is the saviour of our hunger! These two-minute noodles have been a part of our lives since our childhood. And it’s not just that, over the years, we have experimented so much with this flavour that we now have cheesy Maggi, Manchurian Maggi and even tandoori Maggi! While you are familiar with these variations, we are sure that you haven’t heard about the Maggi pakoda yet. Yes, you read that right!

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As offbeat as it might sound, Maggi pakoda really does exist. Recently, a food blogger by the name of anikaitluthra posted a video of a street vendor hailing from Ahmedabad who makes some lip-smacking Maggi pakodas. This street vendor who runs his stall by the name of Jay Rajeshwari has at least 30 varieties of Maggi, one of the most famous varieties being the Maggi pakodas.


Try making some maggi pakodas

The best part about these scrumptious pakodas is that the plate only costs INR 100, and you get to have seven yummy pieces of it. Since the video was posted, it has garnered more than fifty thousand views and several likes and comments.

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In the video, you can see the street vendor first crushing the Maggi and bringing it to a boil. Once done, he strains the water and adds two packets of tastemaker, ajwain and two types of garam masalas. Then he adds veggies like cabbage, dhaniya, capsicum, green chillies, cheese, besan and water to form a batter-like consistency. After mixing it well, he fried the dollops of batter and served them topped with some extra cheese and chutneys!

If these Maggi pakodas are making your mouth drool, then take a look at the video here:

You can try making these pakodas at your home, and let us know in the comments below how you liked them!

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