Top tips on how to train a new puppy at home | How To Train A Puppy

How soon will puppy get used to his new home?

In the first few days, we can do something to help them settle down and feel safe. But keep in mind that it usually takes about three weeks for a dog or puppy to begin to feel “at home” and show its true nature. Here are some tips that how to train a new puppy at home.

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How can I make my new puppy feel comfortable at home?

The sooner you start, the faster and easier it will be to teach good manners and the better your lessons will stick to. The two most important things you need to teach your dog are home training and socialization – keeping them comfortable around other people and animals.

Help keep the puppy comfortable by setting up space where you can safely confine him; this will help you learn to sleep and use the potty. Use a gate or fence to enclose a room or area in your home. In this confined space, provide comfort such as a chest, bedding, water, and, if necessary, hats.

Get rid of all chances of accidents: In the early days of your new puppy, you should want to avoid accidents of any kind. Also, try to move the puppies every 30 minutes, as they will pass food and water quickly. Every time you travel, make sure you arrive at the same place and use the words you want to attach to the idea of ​​”go.”

Get your puppy on schedule: Everyone needs a schedule, and puppies too. Feed your puppy at the same time each day and take him for a walk within 15-20 minutes after eating. Don’t try to change your schedule in advance. Your puppy has to enter the groove eventually.

Restrict your puppy when you can’t supervise: the little trowels need to keep an eye on them all the time. When you are not around, your puppy can wander and get into trouble. In such situations, you can use a box of sizes ideal for a puppy. So when you can’t supervise your puppy won’t get into trouble. Make sure you don’t leave your puppy in the cage for more than four hours at a time.

Cleanliness: Your puppy makes mistakes at first, and it is inevitable. Don’t stop them from making mistakes, but learn how to thoroughly clean affected areas. Ordinary household cleaners are not enough. You will need a Disinfectant Floor Cleaner or something specially designed to remove any urine and stool stains and odors.

Reward puppies for good behavior: When puppies make mistakes, avoid punishing them. However, when they perform well, make sure you reward them every time. Only try to correct the puppy when you actually grab it. Let them understand the two words “yes” and “no” very clearly. This will help their behavior.

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