Varo Mithai: How To Make This Sindhi Dessert Which Doubles Up As Protein Bars


Indian mithais are usually the ones to steal the show with their richness and delicate blend of flavours. However, it is no secret that making those delectable mithais is a back-breaking task, and not to mention the number of hours you need to spend in the kitchen. But does that mean you give up on your sweet cravings? Certainly not. Because the other good thing about Indian mithais is that they come in unmatched varieties. From gooey to crunchy, tedious to quick, you will certainly find the perfect one to satiate your sweet tooth. One such quick sweet dessert is – Varo.

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Varo is a Sindhi dessert usually made for festivals like Diwali, but its richness and flavour makes it a sough-after dish at any time of the year. And much like all other Sindhi food, this sweet dish also uses minimum ingredients but packs a punch of flavour.

dry fruits are good for heart health

Nuts and dry fruits are delicious and full of benefits

Ingredients For Sindhi Varo:

Usually, Varo would be made with almond, cashew and pistachio all of which are a great sources of healthy fats, contain fibre, magnesium and are packed with plant protein. The poppy seeds used in this also aids in digestion and has numerous benefits. You don’t need to be Sindhi to understand the positive points of this simple dish. Read the recipe to find out how to make this healthy treat:

How to make Sindhi Varo/ Sindhi Varo Recipe:

Roast the dry fruits and in a pan mix them along with sugar and poppy seeds. Carefully pour on a flat surface and cut while still hot. Serve or store for weeks. To read the detailed recipe, click here.

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There you have it, the simple yet quick dessert filled with nutrition. Make it today and let us know how it turned out in the comments below.

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