Viral Video: This Comedians Take On Desi Sushi Recipes Is Too Funny To Miss


Indians are well-known for their keen sense of ‘jugaad’ or making the most out of limited resources. This skill also applies to the food we eat. When Chinese food came to India, we made a whole new cuisine out of it popularly known as ‘Desi Chinese’. The dishes in this cuisine are oceans apart from what authentic Chinese food would taste like. However, they are extremely popular all over the country and better suited to our desi palate. Comedian Gaurav Kapoor shared a hilarious video about how the Japanese delicacy Sushi may also be getting the Indian treatment in the near future. The viral video of desi Sushi recipes is simply too funny to miss. Take a look:

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Shared on Instagram Reels by comedian Gaurav Kapoor, the desi Sushi video went viral and received over 2.4 million views and counting. “Sushi Menu in West Delhi,” was the title of the video which left us in splits.

In the 30-second clip, Kapoor starts by explaining his concern about the Japanese treat Sushi. He says that Sushi is gaining popularity these days, just like momos had started becoming popular about 20 years back. He then says that if Sushi was to come to West Delhi, it would definitely get the Desi treatment. For instance, street vendors would start making desi Sushi recipes like ‘Tandoori Sushi’ and ‘Malai Sushi’ to suit the Indian tastebuds. Further, instead of Wasabi, they would serve green chutney and cola drinks instead of soya sauce. The comedian also says that there would be no end to the possible inventions that West Delhi street food vendors could come up with – including recipes like Paneer Sushi and Kurkure Sushi!

The funny video about desi Sushi recipes soon found its way to multiple social media platforms, including Twitter where it was shared by industrialist Harsh Goenka too. The hilarious clip got several reactions from users, who completely agreed with the comedian’s thoughts about the desi Sushi recipes.

Take a look at the top reactions:

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Did you agree with the comedian’s video about desi Sushi recipes? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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