Watch: East Meets West In This No-Bake Mango Souffle Recipe


Mangoes immediately bring forth the memories of our childhood of stealing mangoes from neighbour auntie’s mango tree with our cousins, of drinking mango shake every day at grandma’s house, and of buying boxes full of mangoes (mango peti) with our parents. These memories are why it is considered the most wonderful fruit in the entire world. It is so beloved that it has been given the title of “King of Fruits” by people. Mango means summer fun and it’s that feeling (and the juicy pulp) that makes our mouth water at the thought of it. Now, wonder if all this fun and flavour could be enjoyed in a bite of a souffle, wouldn’t it just be heaven.

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Souffle is a French delicacy that is focused on the preparation of eggs in a certain manner that gives a soft, fluffy texture that will melt in your mouth. To achieve the souffle texture, one has to separate the eggs white from the egg yolk and whip them respectively before combining them. It requires delicate and careful preparation. Souffles are known to be both sweet and savoury. With the right ingredients, your souffle can turn into the perfect dinner and can be enjoyed as a decadent dessert as well! 

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Mangos taste pulpy and delicious, especially in the summer.

We have the best of France and the best India combined in one dish, that is the mango souffle. This mango souffle recipe is a simple recipe that will make a dish as intricate as a souffle easy to make at home. The best part of this recipe is that you don’t even need an oven to make it, all you need to do is freeze the souffle batter overnight and you will get the same texture as you do with a classic souffle recipe.  This mango souffle will give you the pulpy essence of the mango combined with the fluffy texture of the souffle, leaving you wanting more.

Watch the full recipe of Mango Souffle in the header section.

Try out this recipe and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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