Watch: Eat The Crispiest Chicken Ever with This Fried Chicken Steak Recipe


Whatever kind of non-vegetarian you may be, you might not consume fish, you may not like lamb, but you will definitely enjoy chicken. I mean, who doesn’t like chicken, right? People all around the world make chicken in their style of preparation and eat it. It might just be one of the most consumed meats in the world! The thought of chilli chicken, chicken burger, chicken momos and chicken pizza would make everyone drool. That’s how versatile it is. Chicken can be prepared in every way there is possible (except as a dessert for obvious reasons). But there is one style of chicken that has been accepted everywhere – the fried chicken.  

There is something about biting in a juicy piece of chicken covered in a crispy layer of bread crumbs that makes people happy and excited. However, one of the pet peeves that many people share is that bone chicken is used to make fried chicken. While searching for a foolproof delicious fried chicken recipe, we stumbled upon the Youtube food blogger Food Fatfat. Vipin Singh (Food Fatfat) has solved that problem. He has brought us the perfect fried chicken recipe that uses chicken breast, resulting in boneless pieces of juicy fried chicken. See the full recipe video of the fried chicken steak below:

This is one of the easiest fried chicken recipes as it uses the entire breast and doesn’t need any additional chopping of the meat. The marination of the chicken breast is done with ingredients that are easily available in Indian households: tomato sauce, soya sauce, garlic powder and many more. The frying technique used to create the crispy layer of chicken is one of the easiest methods that would yield the best results. The egg, cornflour and breadcrumb technique can be used to coat chicken, paneer, aloo or even mushroom and the result will be crispy goodness. Enjoy this juicy fried chicken steak with boiled veggies or mashed potatoes on the side to make a dinner feast.

Try this recipe and let us know how you liked it!

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