Watch: This Summer-Special Mango Malai Recipe By Chef Kunal Kapur Is Our Latest Obsession

The season of mango is here. The soaring temperature outside is the sign that it’s time to indulge in ripe and juicy mangoes. Rightly known as the ‘king of fruits,’ mango is healthy, tasty and versatile to the core. From having it as is to sneaking mangoes in our meals – we make the most out of this summer delight. If you ask us, we add ripe and juicy mangoes in our milkshake, cakes, ice creams, smoothies and more. Besides, we also like going creative with mangoes and whip up a storm in our kitchen. This is why we are in constant search of unique mango-based recipes to satisfy our summer-time cravings.

We recently came across one such mango-based recipe by celebrity chef Kunal Kapur that left us amazed. The recipe is called mango malai. It is quick, simple and will instantly make you fall for its simple yet rich taste. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this mango malai recipe is one of the easiest desserts we came across in recent times.

Chef Kunal Kapur took to his Instagram to share a reel featuring this quick recipe that just needs two simple ingredients – mangoes and malai/fresh cream. “Mango Malai anyone? A real quick and fun recipe which your kids will surely love to eat,” he wrote alongside the post. Let’s take a look at the recipe.

How To Make Chef Kunal Kapur-Special Mango Malai | Chef Kunal Kapur’s Mango Malai Recipe:

Step 1. Slice a mango from the centre.

Step 2. Twist and it comes out. With the help of a knife, remove the seed.

Step 3. Both the pieces of mangoes will have a cavity. Now fill that cavity with fresh cream or malai and enjoy.

Super simple, right? Trust us, this dessert is a show-stealer on any occasion.

What are you waiting for? Get some mangoes and fresh cream from the kitchen and make yourself

mango malai in less than 5 minutes.

Watch The Complete Recipe Of Mango Malai Here:

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