World Milk Day 2021: ​​​​​​​​​​​​4 Factors To Consider Before Choosing Milk Products


When selecting your favorite milk products, there is something you need to ask yourself: will it benefit your health and that of your loved ones’? Is it nutritious and safe? The lack of awareness on what is considered ‘safe food’ remains one of the biggest challenges in India. Unsafe food, sometimes from unknown sources, sometimes adulterated, processed, or packaged in the wrong conditions, can contain harmful agents that compromise your health and well-being. Let’s discover how to ensure you drink the best out of your favorite milk products!

Here Are 4 Factors To Consider Before Choosing Milk Products:

1. How The Milk Has Been Processed

India is the world’s largest milk producer; it produced a massive 188 million tonnes in 2018-19. With the rising consumption of dairy products, there have been heightened concerns around quality of milk reaching the doorsteps of the consumers. The milking procedure, subsequent pooling and the storage of milk carry risk of contamination from man or the environment or growth of inherent pathogens. Potential also exists for the contamination of milk from mismanagement and improper hygienic control of milk and milk products throughout the food chain.


Milk processing

2. Is Boiled Milk Safe?

What does UHT stand for? It means Ultra-High Temperature and no, it doesn’t mean boiling your milk before drinking it is enough. UHT milk products have been treated industrially at a very high temperature for a very short period of time, ensuring that the bacteria are killed while maintaining all its nutrients and benefits thanks to its short time treatment. When you choose a UHT milk product, you can be sure it has been treated properly and is safe and healthy.


Boiled Milk in a saucepan

3. The Kind Of Packaging Used

Milk in aseptic cartons is usually UHT treated. How the milk products have been processed isn’t the only factor important to ensure its safety: the way they have been packaged and stored is as important. To be mindful about the packaging you choose, carton packaging is a safe and convenient option. Companies like Tetra Pak make aseptic carton packaging that provides 6 layers of protection, ensures that the milk is protected against light, oxygen, moisture, or bacteria. Carton packaging also allows you to keep your milk products for many months without the need for refrigeration, making them a really convenient option. And all this without the need for any preservatives.


Milk packaging

4. Milk Preservatives

You may wonder how the UHT milk products last so long on the shelf of the supermarket or even at home, when unopened. UHT milk products in carton can last up to many months because they are processed with UHT treatment and packaged into an aseptic packaging. This ensures that the milk inside is made safe through UHT processing, and then kept safe using the safety of the aseptic packaging. As long it is unopened, it stays safe for upto 6 months because the packaging does not allow it to interact with any external elements that may cause spoilage. Once it is opened, do remember to put it in the fridge.

Happy World Milk Day 2021!

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