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World Obesity Day: The risk factors and how to manage obesity | Lifestyle


The prevalence of obesity has increased many folds in the past few decades across the globe, including in India. The abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat in different parts of the body not only makes a person conscious of their looks but can also give way to severe metabolic disorders like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Current data suggests that at present, more than 5 crores people are suffering from obesity and other metabolic issues that come along with it in our country. On this World Obesity Day, Dr Vikas Singhal, Consultant GI and Bariatric surgeon, Department of gastro surgery, Medanta, The Medicity Hospital, Gurgaon enlightens us about the risk factors of obesity and ways to manage the condition. He has emphasised that obesity is no longer a lifestyle problem. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) has branded it as a disease, so it must be evaluated as a disease. In this video, he speaks at length about the type of obesity, the right way to measure it and ways to manage it.

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